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Florent Dufour, French, 24 25 years old.

Master + Engineer degree.

Graduate student from the Universities of Strasbourg, Freiburg, & Basel (tri-national program).

Biologist, health researcher, data scientist, and blockchain developer.

Interested in life science, healthcare, cloud technology, machine learning, data privacy, and self-sovereignty.

Passionate about education, audiovisual production, podcasting, and generative art.

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~$ ls /usr/local/bin Key tools in my toolbelt

Languages: French, English, German, Java, Python, bash, JavaScript, LaTeX, Groovy, Swift.

Technologies: Jupyter, Numpy, Pandas, Matplotlib, R, Processing, Docker, Hyperledger, p5.js, SpringBoot, JavaFX, Maven, JUnit, SQL.

Platforms: GNU/UNIX, macOS, Openstack, aws ec2.

Environments and norms: ISO9001, GMP, lab confinement up to P3, GDPR.

~$ find -type DISTINCTION . Key academic distinctions

[2017] Roche continents (Salzburg): Top 100 talented students of Europe.

[2015] Prepa class challenge (Paris): 2nd national rank in technology and biology selective syllabus.

[2013] Concours général des lycées (Nancy): Top 5 students of France in biotechnology.

~$ history | grep -i project* List projects

[2020] Pint of Science: Event manager - It started as a project to show Alzheimer's patients how medical research is conducted in labs back in 2012. Today, it is an international festival that brings people from all horizons in pubs to sip science together. I'll be participating in the organization of the event in Nancy.

[2019 - 2020] DUNE/éole: Research engineer - Is a digital project lead by 6 French Universities. I have been designing and interfacing cloud based digital vaults, leaveraging blockchain technology to secure and certify GDPR compliant data. Being close to the European group of work for blockchain and education means that this advances can be ported at the European scale.

[2018] MS-DECODER: Master student - Is a high throughput sequencing software I have been developping. Multiple Universities collaborate for the project and thus I had the chance to work with a broad spectrum of programmers, mathematicians, physicists and chemists. I also worked with ECE Illinois students to develop a novel stastical approcah for sequence validation. This will be part of a new publication and a patent.

[2017] IMMODGEL: Undergraduate student - Is a european project that revolutionizes the approach we have of materials applied to health by developing active, functional, and intelligent biomaterials. I have been working with the team that transformed the larynx surgery by developing and implanting with success the first artificial larynx after total laryngectomy. I have been working as a data scientist for digital imaging, data analysis, computational biology as well as project management.

[2015 - 2016] NGB & YEBN: Chief communication - Part of the New Generation of Biotechnologists and more broadly the Youth European Biotechnology Network I participated in the organization of national and european scope projects: Forum, conferences, student orientation...


I was lucky to discover my interests in life science and health quite early. Even though I found the practice of medicine fascinating, I have never seen myself as a physician or a surgeon. In fact, I have always held to the biotechnology field as it is where my two main interests meet: i) Biology: and the various aspects of health, physiology, epidemiology, cellular/molecular biology and ii) Technology: as in digital health, data processing, computational biology, wearables, and machine learning.

I am a graduate student in biotechnology and data science from the unique tri-national program supported by France, Germany, and Switzerland at the ESBS. In parallel, I obtained a master's degree in bioinformatics at the University of Strasbourg. Thanks to my various internships, I acquired skills in medical research (nanocarriers & drug delivery, artificial organs design, data acquisition/processing) as well as in computer science (high throughput sequencing algorithmics, statistical validation/description, full-stack, and blockchain development). I have been involved in national and European scope projects with people from various nationalities and had the opportunity to participate in the redaction of published articles.

My love for science and research goes beyond the lab. I always find a way to mediate and share knowledge; it can be with teens during scientific summer camps or with adults during scientific fairs and events!

On my free time (and if I'm not already shooting a short film with my friends), I usually take the nearest train or plane to the farthest destination. It always feels refreshing to go on an adventure, meet new people, discover new places, and of course... taste great food!

I am a talented graduate international student seeking for better health and greater well-being. I am more than excited at the idea to pioneer the development of advanced health care solutions and expect technology and data to play a major role.

Published contributions

Launay, K., Amalian, J.-A., Laurent, E., Oswald, L., Ouahabi, A.A., Burel, A., Dufour, F., Carapito, C., Clément, J.-L., Lutz, J.-F., et al. (2020). Precise alkoxyamine-design enables automated tandem mass spectrometry sequencing of digital poly(phosphodiester)s. Angewandte Chemie International Edition.

Laurent, E., Amalian, J.-A., Parmentier, M., Oswald, L., Al Ouahabi, A., Dufour, F., Launay, K., Clément, J.-L., Gigmes, D., Delsuc, M.-A., et al. (2020). High-Capacity Digital Polymers: Storing Images in Single Molecules. Macromolecules.

Knopf-Marques, H., Barthes, J., Lachaal, S., Mutschler, A., Muller, C., Dufour, F., Rabineau, M., Courtial, E.-J., Bystroňová, J., Marquette, C., et al. (2019). Multifunctional polymeric implant coatings based on gelatin, hyaluronic acid derivative and chain length-controlled poly(arginine). Materials Science and Engineering: C 104, 109898.

Cavallo, G., Poyer, S., Amalian, J.-A., Dufour, F., Burel, A., Carapito, C., Charles, L., and Lutz, J.-F. (2018). Cleavable binary dyads: simplifying data extraction and increasing storage density in digital polymers. Angewandte Chemie.


[2013] PTA: Water and health.

[2015] TIPE: Soy and symbiosis, nutrition aspects.

[2018] Master thesis: Developing high throughput sequencing algorithms.

[2019] Digital day: Blockchain, education, and ecological concerns.


Facilitator in bioethics: Surpervising think tanks and workshops related to ethics and engineering. i.e. Artifical intelligence and new concerns, Data acquisitiona and safeguarding, Open Access and the current model of scientific publishing, Individual right to death...

Tutoring: Preparing students for bachelor graduation (principally mathematics, statistics, and physics).

Scientific workshops: During summer camps with teenagers: raft crafting, volcano modelling, skyrocket designing, molecular gastronomy...